Wellness Care and Vaccinations

Pets are living longer and healthier lives than they ever have, and that is due in part to vaccinations and wellness care. Bringing your pet in for an annual exam with vaccines is a great way to ensure your pet lives their best life. A wellness exam can reveal early signs of heart disease, arthritis, diabetes and any number of illnesses. Vaccines are an incredible tool to keep your pet from getting a number of preventable and often fatal diseases. Here's what we recommend for your pet's vaccinations:

Canine Annual Vaccines: 

      • Rabies
      • DHLPPv (Distemper/Parvovirus/Parainfluenza/Hepatitis/Leptospirosis)
      • Bordetella (Kennel Cough)
      • Heartworm Test

Feline Annual Vaccines:

      • Rabies
      • FVRCP (distemper)
      • Feline Leukemia (Feleuk) - optional  (ask doctor)      

Puppy Vaccinations:
Puppy set #1: 8 weeks- Bordetella, DHPPv, dewormer 
Puppy set #2: 12 weeks- DHPPv, dewormer 
Puppy set #3: 16 weeks- Rabies (1yr), DHLPPv,  

Kitten Vaccinations:
Kitten set #1: 8 weeks- FVRCP, dewormer
Kitten set #2: 12 weeks- FVRCP, dewormer
Kitten set #3: 16 weeks- Rabies, FVRCP


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